While the world has come to standstill, and we’re all at home now – what is it that you’re doing productive? Have you been thinking about the future? About what happens once this situation is under control, and you’re back to your business! Well, it’s our responsibility to #stayhome at the moment, but how can you make these days productive, and prepare for the future, once we’re back on our feet! We’ve compiled a list of things you can go to up your skills, and learn something!

As a business owner, your role always keeps you on-the-go with little to no time to read through the latest developments, or how you can tap different avenues to scale your business. You can use this time to define the how, what and why of your business – trust us, it will give you an altogether different perspective. While you’re at it, take up a new online course on digital marketing – it is sure to give you newer ideas and thoughts – which can be implemented later on! Here’s a super course to understand how digital can really boost your business:

As a photographer, you’re always out and about shooting, editing and more. Have you taken time to just sit back, reflect, and look and fresh ideas what you can bring to the table? Well, now is the time!

If you like photography – use this time to understand how professional photography works, there are tons of courses online, and you can decide if the stream works for you or not. If you’re a professional photographer – how can you up your game? Check out the latest trends and all the stuff you can explore now – for which you didn’t have time earlier!

Are you a Graphic Designer? Or are you into designing and wish to pursue this as a career? Well, check out quick Photoshop hacks and tricks, which can help you quicken your work. In any creative field, a break must only lead to inspiration – so use this time to inspire you – and get back with a bang, with a new outlook and tons of motivation!

Here’s a quick course you can check out for designing, and understanding graphics:

Are you a Writer? Do you have a blog? If you just answered no to this, you know exactly what you need to do! Channelize your thoughts, be constructive, and pen down your thoughts. So far you’ve always written work related, but as a write, you must make it a point to write for yourself, don’t you think so?

While you’re at it, check out this content marketing course to inspire and motivate you:

Are you a Digital marketeer? What is one new skill you’ve added to your portfolio recently? Have you been so caught up with your job to learn something new, and bring something new to the table? Well, use this time to learn a new skill, a new outlook! Simply read, check out the different marketing techniques, and the new thoughts you can implement in your working life.

Check out Hubspot Academy and Coursera for free online digital marketing courses NOW!

Are you fond of watching online videos? Are you having a field off a day looking at all the memes and different types of videos now that you’re homebound? Well, did you know you could actually create these videos.

Get online, look for different video making courses, and learn a new software! Check out Adobe Premiere or After Effects, and experiment on these platforms!

Are you a SEO specialist? Do you know about the latest tools which can help you in your keyword research? Have you thought about when work picks up, how will you help your clients scale their business and reach out to prospective customers? Use this time to learn about the new keyword tracking tools, and how can SEO help your clients in a positive way!

Are you a web developer? Is there very little work happening remotely? So, what have you been using the free time for? Check out these website courses which can help you design and develop smartly:

Are you an analyst? Last but not the least, a crucial role in any creative agency – the guys with the numbers and updates! Always juggling between different clients, here is your time to scale up and empower yourself with far more statistics, so that you can bounce back with double power!

So, how are you going to make your WFH count? We’d love to hear the courses you’re taking up!