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The marketing industry has evolved, and so have the marketing methods. While the industry has opened up a lot of doors for businesses, there are still quite a few misconceptions about the industry. With this article, we’re going to be busting a few myths of the digital world.

Digital Marketing is not just for big businesses – it also helps small businesses! Digital helps you communicate and engage with your customers – without a call center! Get analysis, sell online, build your base by going digital, and being present!

It’s the only place you can engage and interact with your audience! The moment one comes across a product or service, they look for it online. So without a strong online presence, you are basically ensuring the downfall of your business!

Yes, your website is up and running, but are you updating it with relevant information and news? Keeping your website updated helps you rank higher on search engines, as well as sends a positive message to your customers. So yes, content marketing is very important for any business.

Gone are those days when you couldn’t track sales because of lack of resources. With advanced techniques and software, you can combine your online and offline transactions to understand the impact of your digital campaign.

A website can be a good start, but it’s certainly not enough. Moreover, if you have static content on your website, it’s nothing but calling for death. Visitors need latest information, and if you continue this trend, the visitors will stop altogether!

Each Social profile gives you the scope to reach out to your ideal customers – each one also comes along with a unique set of customers. You need to be omnipresent to reach out to all, engage with all! Don’t let the customer experience suffer by restricting your social reach!

SEO Services in UAE

Search Engine Optimization is miles away from being dead, in fact, it’s more important than anything now! Your users are using search to find out about products, services and anything in between. With the right strategy, SEO can help you connect to people not just locally, but globally.

While that might be one of the biggest myths, it’s the most irrelevant too. Stay relevant, stay updated, stay ahead of your competitors! Don’t kill your business because your competitor is doing the same. Not staying online is helping you miss out on a ton of potential customers.

Get online, get real, and see the world of options and conversations open up for you!

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WHY: Why do you want the website?

What is it that you wish to achieve? What purpose must the website fulfill? Wanting a website must not be just that, but should have a goal. It’s important to do this because all elements of the website will totally depend on your goals for the website.

Tell them who you are!

As small as it may seem, the about us is one of the most important pages as it gives the users an insight into your company – and it also gives you the opportunity to earn goodwill with your users.

The 5-second rule:

Within 5 seconds, a user must be able to gauge what is your business – if not, there is something wrong! After all, it takes only 5 seconds to understand a person, isn’t it? Clear imagery, Simple Navigation and short headlines and content will help you pass this 5-second test!

The Picture-perfect Homepage:

A homepage is what decides whether a user can turn into a potential consumer or not. Aim to impress the consumer within 10 seconds itself, because 90% of people tend to take an immediate decision.

Call-To-Action buttons:

We can’t stress more on how important this is – because it is the MOST important part of any website. It’s important to show a clear and precise call-to-action to users – it shows them the direction you wish to take them to, and convert into a consumer. It should be designed in a way which gives all the details and specifications of the products, a user might need.

Track conversions:

This will help you understand the marketing strength of the website and will be able to track visitors, their inquiries or can get a detailed analysis of the business through the website.


With so much competition in the market, you don’t want to be lost in the crowd – testimonials with name and an image tend to add a lot more credibility. You could also include a few quotes or case studies, which will help users understand your style of work.


Keep it simple, easy-to-understand and supremely relevant. You really don’t want your users to get lost with complicated navigation now, do you?

Social Media Links:

Given how active we all are on Social Media, don’t be surprised if users first go on to your Social Media account instead of coming to the website – so remember to include your social links on your website – so users landing directly on the website can also track all your online activities.

Success Stories:

Last but not the least, try to incorporate a few customer success stories, awards or recognitions – these also help create an impression and tend to give an edge over the competitors without any success stories on their website!

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