Web Strategy and Development in Dubai


When building your company’s website, the choices range from inexpensive but limited web creation tools to expensive, fully-customized solutions created by dedicated interactive agencies. With businesses under ever-increasing pressure to maximize their resources, choosing the right way forward can be critical.

The problem with a pre-packaged solution or template-driven site is that not only will the site be difficult to change and adapt as the business grows, but also the company will miss the valuable opportunity to work with specialists who can draw on their experience to create a site that is flexible, upgrade-able and well suited to the specific needs of the company. Here at ENH Media, we bridge the gap between customized design and experienced web designers and developers who are not only dedicated to creating sites that offer advanced functionality and expandable features, but also helping our clients reach out to their customers through their strong presence online.


Our web Strategy evolves around your business goals. We make sure you website has a:

  • Unique design to make it stand out from your competition.
  • Appealing content to grab your target audience’s attention.
  • Use of advanced technology and Responsive web strategy & design to make a lasting impression

We also make sure that your website keeps up with the latest Search Engine requirements like decrease in page load time, decrease in bounce rate and visitor retention rate. As an experienced web development team in Dubai, we constantly look out for strategies to get our customers website well ranked on search engines.


In addition to that, our post web-development optimization quality checks includes:

    • Multi-browser compatibility.
    • Broken links are redirected to appropriate new pages.
    • Ensuring custom/user-friendly 404 pages.
    • Running a site through a broken link checker.
    • Creating a sitemap and robots txt files.
    • Ease of Subscription to blog, email, etc.
    • Ease of Sharing features in Social Media Sites.
    • Tracking visitors stats and activities in the site with Google Analytics.
    • All tags are optimized for search engines like H1, H2 meta title, description and Alt Tags.


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